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Why VoIP?

 A regular telephone system uses a PSTN (Public Switch telephone Network) which is connected through a network of cables and wires. Maintaining and upgrading of these wires and cables make recurring costs for the users high. On the other hand  VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for the layman can be understood as a combination of technologies that facilitates the conversion and transmission of sound and voice data over the internet

VoIP is ideally suited to small and large business houses who need to communicate between clients and branches through telephonic conversations and conferences where the PSTN communication expenses rise beyond validation.

Statistics from 2008 onwards signify that 80% of all new PBX lines were VoIP. The reason for the switch in telephony systems by users are numerous and very obvious. Not only are  VoIP lines cheaper, they are also much more efficient. VoIP systems lets you connect seamlessly through various interfaces and locations through your computer using voice and video technologies. It not only saves on telephone costs, but organizations are also saving huge amounts on travel. Meetings and reviews can now be held through video conferencing, cutting down travel costs of executives based in different locations. The benefits are so apparent that 80% of the users of normal PBX systems have shifted to VoIP systems, a statistics that just underlines the communication trends of the future.

VoIP also allows efficient monitoring of employee calls and productivity. Additional effective communication tools can be integrated into the system through various software that enable employees to communicate efficiently. Call logs and costs too can be accessed at the click of a button on your computer.

VoIP can not only communicate voice but also transmits textual data applications like fax, sms, etc. It can also be used to communicate data like spreadsheets, presentations and can communicate across interfaces and mediums of PSTN telephone, Mobile telephones, VoIP systems and computers.

VoIP is easily installed through plug and play options which can be fused with your computer. The scalability cost of VoIP is virtually nonexistent, you just plug another system on the network and another work station is ready.

An archetypal setting of VoIP  integration is where an existing client calls one of the sales managers through your VoIP PBX systems. On the connection of the call all previous data of the client is displayed on your computer. His previous records, requirements, outstanding and payment schedule are at the display screen of the manager while he is still exchanging greetings. This allows the manager to communicate effectively and efficiently with minimal wastage of time. The clients to have evolved in their outlook and expectations for services required through the technological advances offered by bigger business houses.

The VoIP systems offer more at substantially reduced costs. Most Fortune 500 companies are already using the VoIP systems because they have been able to identify with the advantages of the use of VOIP systems.

Don't change the need to communicate instead change the way you communicate to achieve better results and rewards.

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