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Top 10 VoIP Features for Small Business

Here is a look at the Top 10 VoIP features for small businesses:

1.  Automated Call Distribution helps businesses make the most of their contact center staff, by automating call distribution to the next available agent.

2.  Call Routing and Forwarding provides remote access for a mobile workforce. Features include “Find Me-Follow Me” , which forwards calls from office desk phone to mobile phones, laptops, home phones, and more.

3.  Data Integration links the softphone system with inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales systems.

4.  Auto Attendant routes calls to a standard greeting, voicemail, or a self-service directory.

5.  Conferencing. VoIP business softphone systems feature instant conferencing, as well as video and Web conferencing applications.

6.  Directory Service relies on interactive voice recognition (IVR) to support automated directory access and call routing. Callers navigate the directory system by speaking a name or extension number.

7.  Voicemail. VoIP voicemail services feature unified messaging, which sends messages as an audio recording or an email. Users can access voicemail from any device, including mobile phones, laptops, and home phones.

8.  Wed-Based Administration Interface allows users to set routing and call preferences, as well as make adds, changes, and moves.

9.  Presence Management helps business employees work together across the world. The presence tool identifies who is available and the best way of contacting them (email, phone, IM).

10. Unified Communications Collaboration Tools help business workers collaborate with partners, clients, and colleagues worldwide. Features include screen sharing, document sharing, wikis, virtual whiteboarding, and business “social networking” applications.

Today’s small businesses face many logistical challenges as they compete in the global marketplace. Without the global office network of large enterprises, small businesses rely on their data networks to bridge the locational divide. VoIP services afford small businesses access to basic and advanced IP communications features, bringing together colleagues and supporting relationships with business partners and customers worldwide.

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