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Why Find Me/Follow Me?

Find Me/Follow Me is a calling technology that allows you to create a phone call schedule so that callers can find you wherever you are, just by dialing one phone number. Consider Find Me/Follow Me as a virtual phone locating system. The Find Me/Follow Me calling feature provides you with a virtual phone number for which you may establish a schedule, complete with the days and hours you are available, and the numbers where you may be reached. When a caller dials your office phone number, the system first reviews your schedule and then begins to dial your forwarding phone numbers based on your schedule. If you have multiple numbers where you can be found, the system may dial them simultaneously or sequentially.

With Find Me/Follow Me, your virtual phone number gives you the freedom to be away from the office without worrying about missing any important calls or opportunities. There is no need to give friends, family and associates multiple phone numbers to reach you anymore. Let Find Me/Follow Me find you!

With so much flexibility and control, Find Me / Follow Me calling gives you better control over the calls you receive. Call Screening lets you know who is calling and gives you the option to answer or forward the call to your voicemail. 

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