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myDatavo Assistant, Your Key to Excellent Communication

Ever since technology existed, it never stopped from developing and creating more and more ways of making lives a lot easier and better. Just recently there has been another introduction of an application toolbar which can definitely surpass and outnumber the features of all high grossing service providers of today. Take a look at the amazing, multi-tasking, easy to use, and all in one application toolbar, the myDatavo Assistant.

With the myDatavo Assistant toolbar, gone are the days where subscribers will unsubscribe to you because of missed calls and communications. From its name, the myDatavo Assistant is ready to be your everyday assistant, 24 hours a day, seven days a week without any miss. This application toolbar will be all you need to organize your calls, notifications, and other calling options that you can ever imagine.

What are the different uses and features of myDatavo Assistant?

myDatavo Assistant is an application toolbar which can be installed easily in your personal computers. It is only about 3 MB, thus not occupying or being all heavy for your PC. It can come in three different languages, namely English, French, and Spanish. The application toolbar can be synchronized with the Outlook of the PC therefore minimizing your work load especially on storing contact information. It has a toolbar which can automatically bring you to your list of contacts, notifications, or the myDatavo Assistant itself.

It is very much easy to use and operate since it will be Windows based. The entire application can let you manage your notification settings, contacts, incoming calls, voice mails and fax messages. It literally has many options and choices you can choose from thus letting you have a greater control over your communications. In addition, you are given the opportunity to change within seconds your present status. You can enable the call forwarding, to let the call you are about to have be forwarded or diverted to another location. This forwarding feature can be activated only to specific numbers or you can make this active for all. This is especially useful when you are not able to take the call due to busy schedule or you are a handful of work. There is also the follow me feature which instead of leaving a message in the voicemail just yet, you are to let the caller dial or follow you to another number where he or she is able to talk to you or contact you. There is also a weekly setting feature where you set specific settings on days where you are not able to entertain calls and there are days where you can answer all calls. When there are notifications, usually it is called a toast. This toast will automatically be on your desktop with all its information regarding the caller, time of communication, etc.

Indeed, the myDatavo Assistant can literally do anything for you. Everything seems like a click away and you get to manage everything and every subscriber you have. myDatavo Assistant is exactly what you need to get your head on the game and be very productive in today's competitive world. Communicating has never been so fast and easy, thanks to myDatavo Assistant.

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