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myDatavo Communicator - Reliable Functionality That Fits Your Needs

Whether it is individuals or business enterprises, consumers are changing the way they keep in touch with the outside world. Wireless, wireline and competitive service providers are now able to meet their customers' growing demand for contact and telephony demands. These demands range from versatile to cross-platform and contact and telephony tools. This has been made possible solely by the myDatavo communicator.

A myDatavo softphone:
The Communicator Desktop developed for windows comes with a superior softphone with an advanced contact manager to enable users send and receive simple text messages, superior quality voice conversation or video calls. Clients have the option of integrating it with social network as well as business networks which enable them to receive instant voice messages as well as improve their global presence, both at home and at the office. Most importantly, myDatavo Communicator can be connected to mobile phone service providers which eventually strengthens the service provider's signal strength in areas where signal strength is low or are constantly interrupted.

The exclusive SIP Provisioning Server and the Service Assurance Server has drastically eradicated the need for client configuration. In addition to that, the myDatavo service assurance servers provide unique and proactive analysis to network managers, thereby providing them with experience qualities while also significantly reducing their time investment on repairing metrics.

Coming with a fully integrated myDatavo, we boast of a leading telephony and control interface which enables carriers to deliver branded experience that are in tandem with their customers' download requests.

In the enterprise:
Today's IT platforms demand advanced features, something that myDatavo has delivered. It can be used to either complement or provide alternatives that are cost-effective when deploying new office handsets. With its outstanding video and HD voice features, this application can also synchronize all the important contacts of the business with Microsoft Outlook or any other active directory databases. This enables direct click-to-click capabilities from the softphone interface. This enables employees to have uninterrupted access to business services which include but not limited to dialing plans and workgroup attendant consoles. This they can do whether they are at the office or driving home.

In the home:
The myDatavo Communicator can extend to your personal computer back at home. It comes with residential telephone offerings which have outstanding high-definition features like voice and video, popup messages and call histories, among others. It also incorporates XMPP instant messaging, where users can not only consolidate, but also manage and communicate with their social and personal contacts. All these are done through a single interface. There are stringent privacy rules which protect users from unauthorized viewing or access. On the same breath, buddy tagging feature alerts users when their friends' status has changed.

For mobile:
myDatavo Communicator has a powerful iPhone and Android application that enables users to extend their business and residential services directly to their hands. Valuable business telephony services that are demanded of IT managers are fully integrated in myDatavo Communicator. These include among others 4-digit dialing auto attendant and call distributions that are fully automated.

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