Bonded DSL - A Bonded ADSL2+ Product

Bonded for Optimal Performance

Your business is built on many mediums of communication, with your phone service and Internet connection at its very core. Having a bonded system to support these services is a smart step in the right direction for companies that pride themselves on security and speed. The Datavo Bonded DSL system was founded on the idea that with speed, our customers should also enjoy reliability.

Through the utilization of two DSL lines instead of one, you can count on optimal data transfer, consistency over both lines and preparedness in the case of a problem with a single DSL line—when one fails, the other will remain functional to handle your operations as usual. With speeds that can reach 8Mb, a Bonded DSL line also offers powerful connection speeds for businesses that are constantly growing.

Because a bonded system rivals and can even surpass the workload of a T1 line, a Datavo Bonded DSL system is an exceptional cost-saving tool. Enjoy state-of-the-art technology (ADSL2+) while you keep communication at a high level of excellence with a Bonded DSL solution.

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